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Case study for Albany Florist

Albany Florist is situated in the heart of Albany in William Pickering Drive. It is run by two amazing ladies, a mother and daughter team who are passionate about flower arrangements.

They were frustrated with their current website as the main reason being there was no website visits converting to sales, even though they were getting around a thousand hits a day on the front page.

We had a look at the original website and noted the following points for improvement.

  1. The website’s front page was filled with a lot of content but no links to actual flowers for selling.
  2. The area on the website where flowers were being sold was difficult to find.
  3. The outlay of flowers on the website was confusing adding difficulty for a customer to make a decision.


We asked the Albany Florist team, “What is your objective for having a website?”

Like most businesses who possess a website it was to sell their products, and that they were frustrated with the fact that their website was not producing any sales. The website was redesigned with two objectives in mind, firstly to allow customers to purchase flowers directly for various occasions, and secondly to allow for direct payment via the website.

Access to the website by the team at Albany Florists now allows them to update and load new content as required.

One of their concerns was that they close at certain times over the weekend and did not want to have the website open to buy flowers during this time. We resolved this by placing a banner on the website informing customers that they are closed for orders during these times.

Since having the new website we can highlight the following results:

  • Albany Florists have consistently increased their online sales.
  • They are listed at the top of Google search as a florist in their area
  • The increase in sales online had paid for their initial investment in a new website within a month.
  • Navigation and content are now a lot more user friendly
  • Due to the increase in online sales Albany Florist have now employed a new florist full-time.
  • Albany Florist like the fact that they own the website and not just the content. They are also happy to have been trained to use the website and can now add any new additional bouquets. They do not hesitate to call Buzz Web when help is needed.

Buzz Web are proud to have been part of the journey in providing a website that is adding value in the form of increased sales and a return on investment for our client.  Here are some back end statistics.

Case study for Anise Catering

Paul from Anise Catering had a wonderful idea to start a business where he would cook meals in people’s homes. These meals wouldn’t be just standard home cooking but elegant Asian fusion meals that were for special occasions.

Paul started his business and like all small business owners it was not an easy task getting the business of the ground. Amongst other things he decided that he wanted to develop a professional website that would depict him in a manner that would bring clients to him.

Before he decided on the website he also undertook Facebook training with The Online Business Academy, and started his journey in the online world.

He approached Buzz Web to develop his website. We sat down with him and had a business discussion. We wanted to understand what his key objectives were, what his expectation were for the website, and how we could maximize these two aspects for his business.

We were invited out to experience one of Paul Duncan’s meals, which was absolutely delicious, prior to designing the website for Anise Catering. This experience gave us very clear input and ideas of how we could build the website with maximum effect. We wanted to capture the essence of the experience via the website.

Anise Catering’s website has been online for a few months and he has seen sales generated as a direct result of the website. We also undertook search engine optimization for him, so that Google search results for “catering” or “Auckland catering”, would list him at the top.

Paul is a happy client and here is his testimonial.

Paul Duncan
Executive Chef/Owner Operator at Anise Private Chef & Catering

We are a boutique Private Chef & Catering company that delivers fine food & service to guests in the comfort of their own home. I went to Chad & Wanita last year looking for a brand new website that would reflect what our business is truly about.
Buzz Web exceeded my expectations, and delivered an outstanding website that has taken the business to new heights. The website has a great balance of show casing our fine food & service while keeping a home feel to the site. A splash of fun in there and the website was exactly what we were after.
We are now ranking high on google thanks to the extra effort Chad put in.
I found the whole process painless & would highly recommend Buzz Web to take your business to the next level & be noticed!

Case study for Epic New Zealand (Epic NZ)

Epic New Zealand were looking to have a conference website developed. They wanted a website that could show who the speakers were, give some video on the speakers and have a place where people could register.

This was a very interesting project as it was the very first Epic New Zealand conference being held in New Zealand with the expectation of a thousand people plus (1000+ people). The system had to be robust enough to take registrations of a large number of attendees and be flexible enough to change quickly and easily.

We worked on this website over a period of two weeks together with Epic New Zealand and produced a very successful conference website for them. We were asked to develop the conference website again the following year.

Below are testimonials from two people that were on the project.

Anukool Sathu
Team Leader Stakeholder Capability at Internal Affairs

I would like to thank Chad for all the work he undertook for our office last year. His innovation and creativity helped us create a fantastic online presence, that helped us achieve our objectives. I Wish him all the luck, and hope he carries on his great work!

Berlinda Chin
at Office of Ethnic Communities

Chad is wonderful addition to the team. He brings a fresh perspective with him and is not afraid to share them so that the team delivers the best outcome. His friendly and warm demeanour means he gets along well with many of his new colleagues. Chad has a great creative eye both with words and images and I trust this skill will grow from strength to strength.

Case study for Jenny Brice

Jenny Brice is an executive coach based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. She is a dynamic woman that was worked in the corporate world, and held positions at an executive level in Human Resources. Jenny left the corporate world to move with her husband to Tasmania. On returning to the Sunshine Coast, Jenny decided to start her own executive coaching business. Jenny knew that she had to present herself in a unique way compared to the way most other coaches were presenting themselves.

Jenny then commissioned Buzz Web to design her website for her. She did not have any branding, logo’s or marketing collateral. We helped her with her branding so as to identify the essence of who Jenny was and her new company image she would project to potential clients.

Prior to having her new website, Jenny had been visiting a few clients but had not been successful to the point that at times she could not even get her foot in the door. We developed her website and all her marketing collateral to assist her in acquiring appointments with new prospective clients. Since developing her new website, Jenny has secured major deals with corporate clients. Her website is designed to project her image and sell herself as an Executive Coach.

Jenny tells us of a particular client that she called and they were reluctant to see her. She sent them a follow up email with her website details and after looking at her details, she secured an appointment and the job. This is a testimony of how websites do not necessarily have to have a sales objective, but rather that it is more informational for a B2B client interaction.

Jenny’s own testimonial:

Buzz Web created and designed my website and has developed an integrated on-line marketing presence for my business. This has included all printed material and services such as LinkedIn, Facebook, newsletters etc.

Truly amazing particularly considering they are based in NZ and most of our work has been done by Skype.

Nothing is ever an effort and their customer service is outstanding. I am one very happy and delighted customer.”